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About Access Real Estate...


Our Location...

the difference...service!


Access Real Estate is founded upon and expresses absolute service, integrity and professionalism.  It is the commitment of each Access Real Estate Professional to perform their duty and deliver to each Home Buyer and Home Seller accountable personal service through undivided loyalty and complete honesty with exceptional knowledge and sound ethical conduct.




Life, Family, Memories...it's your Lifestyle!

Real Estate is About PEOPLE and RELATIONSHIP!


At Access Real Estate, we believe real estate is about PEOPLE and RELATIONSHIP!  Our mission is to assist our clients to realize the benefit of lifestyle and well-being offered through real estate.  Most real estate agencies; however, see the lumber, stucco, drywall and nails as well as the parcel of land that's all transferred from Seller to Buyer.   We look at it differently, we see people, land and the buildings that people occupy as inseparable.  We see personal relationships develop, strengthen, and deepen from changes in lifestyle and greater well-being.

At Access Real Estate we see..."the joy of watching our children play soccer, softball, baseball or football is done so on a grassy field.  The food we rely on for nutrition is planted, grown, and nurtured to fruition on land.

The classrooms of our schools that teach our children the basics of reading, writing, math and art and the fields of which they run and play are built on land.  The churches we worship in reverence to God are built on land.  The shopping centers we purchase our clothing, food and household goods are built on land.  The house we call “home”, the place we love and raise our families and grow is built on land.

Truly all that we know, all that we experience, all that we cherish - the people we love, the land we live on and the buildings in which we gather are inseparable.”

                                                                            Access Real Estate
Daniel Akulow, Realtor-Broker



Buyers & Sellers...

If you're a Home Buyer
Buying your next home is truly a substantial financial investment.   You'll want a Realtor 100% loyal and fully committed to YOUR best interest throughout the entire negotiating process!  You'll want a Realtor you can fully trust to guide and counsel you through a very complicated process.

If you call upon the agent "listed" on a home you see "For Sale", be cautious as you continue your communication with the agent because the Home Seller's job is to PROTECT the Home Seller...not the Home Buyer!

If you're a Home Seller
You'll want someone who will protect your investment and be fully loyal to your interest as a Home Seller!  Additionally, realize that as a Home Seller you will pay a commission to the Real Estate agent for the sale of your home.  The agent you contract with should EARN the commission by fully representing your interest...not by simply being an neutral "dual agent."



Access Real Estate firmly believes every Home Buyer or Home Seller should have their Agent's 100% undivided loyalty and duty of full representation!



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