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You may be thinking of placing your home for sale but not certain of the steps you need to take to make certain all is ready to list your home for sale.  These FIVE Main Points of a Real Estate Sale will really help you - contact me and I'll guide you to the market value sale of your home!

There are five main points very important to consider when you're ready to list your home for sale.  Each of the five points plays an important role in the successful sale of your home.  If any one point is miss-interpreted or overlooked, or even somewhat disregarded - even if unintentional - then your home sales experience will not be a positive as you may expect it to be.  

Here are the FIVE MAIN points of a Real Estate sale that you'll need to have in place for the successful sale of your home:


(1)  Location

We usually cannot move a home!  To coin the favorite phrase of appraisers: “Location, Location, Location.”  Location of your home is one of the factors that will influence your home's selling price and possibly how long your home may stay on market.  It's critical to understand how location plays in the sale of your home.  Regardless of where your home is located, every home will have buyers for your home.

(2)  Condition

The upkeep and presentation of your home is crucial to obtain the highest value for your home in any given market at any given time.  The pricing of your home must reflect its condition.  To maximize the price you would like to get in the sale of your home, consider how much, if any, improvements you might want to make to your home to increase it's overall value!
A quick appointment and walk-through of your I can provide you with sound advise on how much or how little you may need to improve your home to maximize sale time and price.  Whether it's painting, flooring, bath & kitchen fixtures or update - maybe yes, maybe no to some, none or all of these options.  A focused consultation and home assessment is a must to know how to proceed!


(3)  Price & Terms

It is of primary importance that you, as a home seller, realize that it is not the Realtor or you the home seller that determines your home's selling price.  Sounds strange for me to be that direct with you?  Actually, no...because it is the "open market" that will ultimately determine your home's sale price!  What is the open market - good's an "arms length" transaction where the amount of money any particular buyer(s) is willing to pay to purchase your home in a reasonable time period.

If I in my attempt to simply get your listing tell you your home is worth more than the open market will respond, then I've most certainly gained your listing but truly at a disfavor to you because your home will most likely just "sit" on the market without any offers.  And it doesn't matter on to how many websites your listing is posted (Zillow, MLS, Trulia, Craigslist, etc.) open houses, or newspaper ads I would take out.  If your home is overpriced, it simply will not sell!

Pricing is the number one factor in the sale of your home.  Your home is worth what one person is willing to pay you to gain ownership of it.  Price must be in direct relationship with the other four points and it is the most important point of all!


(4)  The Listing Agent

The Listing Agent is your KEY to service and a smooth transaction!  Although the Multiple Listing Service and internet have done absolute wonders to get a seller's home into public view, real estate remains a "people" business!  Unfortunately, in today's tech savvy world, too many real estate agents rely too much on the internet to do their work - work the internet can't do!  Simple things like follow-up, follow-through, prompt return emails, texts, and phone calls, and doing the extra research to bring you the seller info necessary to move along the sale of your home.

(5)  Marketing Plan

The primary marketing avenue for any real estate sale is the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS)!  MetroList, Inc. is the MLS for seven primary local counties - Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, El Dorado, and West Merced.  Additionally, MetroList has reciprocal listing data exchange with all Bay Area MLSs and also has electronic lockbox access agreements with 24 regional counties!


So, this mean when your home is placed onto MetroList, your home will be viewed by millions upon millions of buyers within the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valley Regions as well as the Bay Area!!  This is HUGE marketing!

BUT...your real estate agent MUST take advantage of the power of the MLS by using the MLS to it's fullest!

  • Pictures...

MetroList provide space for 25 pictures for each listing, so it's really important the real estate agent you select is a good photographer to correctly get the best views and various angles of your home AND with good lighting!  And, it's also really important your agent places as many as possible pictures of your home to best SHOWCASE your home.  Remember, every single buyer that "clicks" on your home from his/her computer will at first know about your home by the pictures that are posted on the MLS.  If the pictures are great, then that urges the buyer to keep on looking at your home to find out more about it, and to setup a showing appointment!  If the pictures are poor, then there is a great possibility the buyer will quickly move onto the next listing.

  • Good Description...

The MLS provides for 500 words to describe a listing that will be visible to the general pubic.  It's really important to best describe your home to catch the attention of the buyer.  Remember, while on his/her computer, the buyer is looking at many, many homes in one sitting.  Your listing must catch the buyer's attention for the buyer to take a deeper look at your home.  If the primary description of your home is dull and unimaginative, then it lacks the appeal your home deserves - what happens next?  You've guessed it...the buyer will move onto the next listing.  But, if your agent uses artistic language that stimulates the buyer's senses, then that buyer will most likely "click" on your home's listing to find out more about your home!


You Control Four of These Main Points!

When the above points are in agreement, we a have sale!  If just one of them is out of line it will take a longer time to sell, and the more points there are out of line, the longer it will take before the sale of your home takes place.  Of course you may get offers nonetheless but the offers may be below your liking!

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